Integration Collabora Online Office with Nextcloud

The following guide provides some useful tips on how to select the right cloud storage for the company or personal data. Also, we’ve included the most secure and feature-rich solutions for these needs – Nextcloud self-hosted productivity platform and Collabora Online Office. And finally, you’ll find a very detailed description of how to get these apps up and running on Hidora Cloud. Sounds interesting? So, let’s get started!

Data security and privacy in the cloud environment are two key factors of governments, companies and individual users’ concerns especially now, in today’s online WFH world. Of course, no one dealing with client or employee data wants this data to be handed to some third parties. That’s why it’s important to keep this in mind selecting the right software and cloud storage for business needs. There are three possible options to consider before making the right choice:

  • Free cloud storages
  • Paid proprietary software solutions
  • Open source solutions

Using free tools you never really know what happens with the data, you left on their servers. The risk the data would be stolen or sold to someone is huge. Moreover, you’re not even a customer in this case, because you are not paying.

Of course, paid proprietary software solutions are more trusted as you pay for their service and expect some security guarantees from them. But again, there are a lot of potential risks. No one knows what they do with the data on their servers and what weaknesses are in their code.

What about open source solutions, they can always be up and running on your own servers or at a reliable cloud hosting provider. So you’re getting full control of your company or organization sensitive data. Such an approach guarantees full clarity on who and when has access to servers and data.

Why Nextcloud and Collabora Mix?

With Nextcloud products you always know where your data is, who has access to it and how it is used. Nextcloud provides the industry-leading, on-premises content collaboration platform. This technology combines the convenience and ease of use of solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox with security and privacy. Customers get full control over their data. Nextcloud solutions allow us to control and monitor data exchange and communication and guarantee compliance with business and legal requirements. They enable productivity across any platform and provide transparent access to data on any storage. Nextcloud innovative security technologies are its key benefit over competitors.

Moreover, Nextcloud provides a solution for online office through their integration with Collabora. This is a really powerful mix for storing data, editing documents and communication with full control over files and their exchange. Collabora Online is a great open-source solution for enterprises that are looking for a robust office suite in the cloud, or on-premise. It protects their privacy and allows them to keep full control of their sensitive corporate data. Collabora feature list includes: collaborative and independent viewing and editing text docs, spreadsheets, presentations etc, signed security updates, long term support, any browser support without plugin needed, customizable user interface and more.

Nextcloud Automatic Deployment

Nextcloud deployment to the cloud is super easy with Hidora Cloud service. Just complete the following steps.

1. Log into Hidora Cloud dashboard.
1. Click on the Marketplace button.


3. Select Nextcloud in the list of applications available for automatic deployment and click on the Install button.

4. In some minutes the deployment process will be completed. You’ll see the dialog with the Nextcloud admin credentials and the link to the app. This info will be sent to your email as well.

5. That’s it! Now you can open Nextcloud in the browser and log in with the above credentials.

Collabora Integration into Nextcloud

Please follow the next steps to get Collabora Online Office integrated into the Nextcloud environment.

1.Expand your Nextcloud environment topology in order to modify it.

2.Click on Docker Image… and add jelastic/docker-ce application server image. Click on the Next button after that.

3. Switch on Public IP for your Docker-ce container and apply the changes you’ve made.

4. Establish an SSH connection to the required container by clicking on the Web SSH button.

5. Once a connection is established, execute the following command in order to install Collabora Online Office into Docker-ce container, you’ve added earlier.

docker run -t -d -p 9980:9980 -e “extra_params=–o:ssl.enable=false” -e “domain=nextcloud\.hidora\.com” collabora/codewhere parameter “domain=nextcloud\.hidora\.com” is your Nextcloud application domain.

6. Go to Nexcloud dashboard and click on +App button.

7. Navigate to Office & text and download and enable Collabora Online. Use the Nextcloud admin password for confirmation.

8. Then Navigate to Settings and find Collabora Online app in the list.

9. Specify the Public IP address of your Docker-ce container and append 9980 port number.

10. Now Collabora Online is integrated into your own infrastructure.


Enjoy online collaboration without the compliance and security risks with Nextcloud, Collabora and Hidora Cloud.

Written by

Jakub Rarbovsky

Jakub is a Junior Full-Stack Tech Engineer at Hidora with a strong IT background.