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Private bank Consulting in Geneva: Kubernetes, Rancher in a Secure Environment

Customer testimonial

Thibault FOUACHE
Software Engineer

I was fond of DevOps and decided to find a new way of building and distributing apps inside the bank.

Hidora is not only a cloud hosting platform, but it is also a team of DevOps professionals who are ready to help you with optimizing of your application deployment processes. Check out our new case study with Thibault Fouache, a software engineer from Swiss private bank, and find out what IT difficulties Swiss Banks face and how Hidora can help to solve them.


We talked to Thibault Fouache who works in a team of 4 professionals: software engineer, a business intelligence expert, developer and analyst.

Problem: How to manage, maintain and develop a new internal application efficiently and how automatize and industrialize the IT processes of delivery in this new IT environment ?

Solution: Implement DevOps tools to simplify application deployment process to release software and put it to production in a click.

What we did:

  • Installation and configuration of RANCHER on Kubernetes with SSL Certificate for security and Private network complication (bank restriction).
  • Installation and configuration of Gitlab (CI/CD), Nexus (registry and build), SonarQube (code review).
  • Installation and configuration of monitoring tools (Centreon, Rudder, Graylog).

Could you please tell me about your project?

I’m a software engineer. When I came to this small bank in Geneva it had an old-fashioned infrastructure. I was fond of DevOps and decided to find a new way of building and distributing apps inside the bank. So I asked Hidora to help me with CI/CD, infrastructure and pipelines. Also, Hidora team helped me to install Rudder, Centreon and Graylog for the monitoring.

Why did you choose Kubernetes and Rancher? What are the main reasons for that?

At first, we were proposed to use a proprietary orchestrator, but it was a little bit expensive for our small bank. We had few applications, maybe it was a little bit overwhelmed to have this. That’s why I chose Kubernetes and Rancher. As Kubernetes is a new standard de-facto in a container orchestration and Rancher provides a nice UI in front of this because Kubernetes is a quite tricky and for the other guys in the team it is convenient to have a nice UI to deploy applications.

What was the challenge with Kubernetes? Did you try installing it manually?

We installed it through Rancher that’s why it was pretty easy. The main challenge we had was connected with SSL certificates that were not issued by a certificate authority. It was quite challenging, but we managed to do this with a help of Hidora.

What services did Hidora team provide you with?

Help for installation, expertise on the Kubernetes and the pipelines from GitLab, and also training on Git for the team, because we were very new to this concept. It was important for me to understand all the processes by myself, we were working together with Hidora’s experts. It was mostly an educational help for me and for the team.

How long did it take to implement your vision?

It’s quite difficult to say because I was working on this project 2-3 days a week. We were getting consultant services from Hidora from May to September. It was rather fast because I have visited a meetup about Kubernetes in Geneva, where the case study of another bank was discussed. Due to them, it took one year and a half with a team of 10 people to make the same thing, not on the same scale because they are bigger. So Hidora helped us to manage this process pretty fast. If we were involved in this project for 5 days a week, it would take approximately two and a half months.

What was the goal of the consulting project, related to Kubernetes?

I needed a help to install it because it was quite new for me in a secure environment. Let’s say I have already installed Rancher, but in a startup and it was easier because I had no security rules. In the bank, it is totally different because you have to put a lot of stuff inside so it was very helpful to outsource this tasks to Hidora. Without Hidora’s help, I think this process would take a much longer time.

What were the milestones?

The first milestone was the installation of Rancher, it was quite quick. We managed this task during 2,5 days. Then Hidora team migrated my GitLab. The next step was the implementation of the Nexus repository. And after that, we installed SonarQube for code review. Most of the time we implemented private Docker with the repository and in the end, it was a pipeline to deploy automatically. Just click on the button, release the software and put it to production. It is very convenient.

What was the result of Hidora’s work?

The project was finished successfully, we had some issue with SSL certificates, but now it is ok. The whole IT department of the bank is very happy about Hidora’s work. We are fully satisfied with the services provided by Hidora. It gave our team a very valuable consulting and IT support.

What’s the gain to use DevOps strategy in a private bank?

Before it was sometimes tedious to put stuff in production, and it was hard to take a look at a given application without the presence of the “owner”. So implementing DevOps philosophy helped people to be more professional and feel safer because you are more confident with DevOps tools. My colleagues are very happy with this.