What was 2019 like and what you can look forward to in 2020

New Features, Case Studies and many more

happy holidays from Hidora

The next year is over, so we now bring you a summary of what has changed, what new features we have added, how we have improved our services and what you can look forward to in 2020.

Datacenter migration

A big change in 2019 was our move from Bern Datacenters to SafeHost in Gland.

This move was accompanied by partnership with HPE. This step benefitted our customers, who gained better availability of our services and improved infrastructure.

Hidora new office

The big change was not only due to the change of location of datacenters but also our offices. Our team has grown and this has pushed us to the decision to move our office to new and modern premises.

So now if you need a help with your hosting, or need a coffee 🙂 you can find us at Rue des Charmilles 8.

Jelastic improvements


Last year we switched to LiteSpeed Web Server 5.4 Version.

The latest version drastically improves performance without increasing costs.

This update comes with improvements such as:

  • A massive HTTP/2 HTTPS performance boost
  • Anti-DDoS with reCAPTCHA integration to easily stop any layer 7 attack
  • Experimental HTTP/3 support
  • Mass Hosting support with Redis or with rewrite rules
  • SO_REUSEPORT to handle HIGH traffic efficiently in a large multi-worker deployment

CDN integration

HTTP / 3 and CDN integration for Jelastic multi-cloud PaaS.

This installation can be done with just one click to speed up your application.

This CDN solution can be automatically installed on any environment within the platform and provides a set of benefits.

New Kubernetes cluster and automated upgrade

By hosting a Kubernetes Cluster at Jelastic PaaS, you can get the following benefits:

  • Easy Start – automated installation in several clicks do not require manual intervention
  • Hyper Scalability – the cluster can be automatically scaled vertically and horizontally
  • Multi-Cloud Availability – mix and match cloud options due to the project needs
  • Simplified Management – a single point of management via intuitive UI and built-in Web SSH
  • Flexible Automation – automate DevOps processes with open API and Cloud Scripting
  • Cost Efficiency – pay only for consumed resources benefiting from container density and scalability

DashBoard search

We’ve added a new search feature to our administrative interface. The search bar will give you shortened access to your data and documents.

Direct SSH UI

In the current platform upgrade, the dedicated SFTP / Direct SSH Access tab was added to the dashboard to emphasize such feature availability and simplify its utilization.

The new section can be accessed from the:

  • Account Settings > SSH Access > SFTP / Direct SSH Access
  • Environment Settings > SSH Access > SFTP / Direct SSH Access
  • Configuration File Manager > SFTP / SSH Gate
  • Additionally > SFTP / Direct SSH Access (within the functional icons of the node or layer)

API Token integration

Jelastic PaaS administrators can use the personal access tokens feature to perform platform management. The step by step guide to do so you can find here

DevopsDays 2019

21-22 February we had the opportunity to attend and sponsor the largest DevOp’s conference in Geneva.

All presentations and workshops were based on how to implement DevOp’s and use these methods effectively, reduce potential risks and achieve maximum results.

More than 270 people attended the conference.

DevOps days geneva 2019

DevOps Meetups

The DevOps meeting was mainly devoted to the DevOps tools used and discussed, what products are needed to build a suitable technology environment.

Emphasis was placed on Kubernetes and CI / CD process set-up.

CloudFest meeting

Like every year, this one will hold a cloudfest meeting which is designed for cloud hosting providers.

We are looking forward to discussing the roadmap for the next year with the Jelastic team.

D2iQ/Hidora partnership

We are proud that this year we managed to establish cooperation with D2iQ for reselling D2iQ licenses in Switzerland.

DevOpsDays 2020

The first major event in 2020 is already around the corner.

At 24-25 February is the DevOpsDays 2020 conference where Hidora will have a stand and at the same time we will be again gold partner.

CloudFest 2020 : March 17, 18 and 19

CloudFest 2020 is the second in a three-year theme arc.

This year we will dive into how The Intelligent Cloud allows AI to manage and distribute complex workloads, with smart tools that make interoperability and scale more cost-effective and efficient.

It’s a tech paradigm that is coming up quickly, and CloudFest will help pave the way so you can be in the driver’s seat.

CloudFest will explore how the cloud industry is preparing for the AI evolution in terms of technology, oversight, economics, and morality.

LEC event 2020

LEC event was created in 2011 and known as eCom Geneva. Since then, the event has grown rapidly from 30 to 210 exhibitors.

The event based on a trade show / congress concept offers professional visitors a rich and varied program.

It is: the most important in French-speaking Switzerland and since 2018 throughout Switzerland in the digital and IT fields.

Hidora will attend the LEC conferences in June 2-3 as a GOLD sponsor.

Written by

Matthieu Robin Hidora
Matthieu ROBIN

Matthieu Robin is CEO at Hidora, an experienced strategic leader, a former system administrator who had managed and configured more environments manually than anyone on the planet and after understanding that it could be done in several clicks established Hidora SA. He regularly speaks at conferences and helps companies to optimize business processes using DevOps. Follow him on Twitter @matthieurobin.