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Hidora Cloud enables web development agencies to reduce the TCO of the cloud deployment and speed up time-to-market without additional investments or efforts. We provide a well-supported comprehensive solution to build, deploy, manage and scale web applications of any size and any purpose in the cloud.

Platform as a Service

With the user-friendly interface provided by Jelastic, you will be able to manage your projects conveniently. Horizontal and vertical scaling, auto-clustering for app servers and databases, DevOps automation, continuous integration and delivery, and a wide range of other advanced cloud technologies were implemented into one dashboard to simplify cloud infrastructure management, reduce hosting cost and ensure uptime of your websites.

Consulting Services

Save your time and money by getting professional support. Our highly-qualified engineers will help you to migrate any projects and applications to Hidora.

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All our servers are based exclusively in Switzerland, one of the best countries for storing data.

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Concentrate on your business and be sure that with Hidora’s uptime guarantee you are always online.

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You can rely on Hidora Cloud experts for all kind of hosting services. Feel free to contact us.

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