Deploy your applications with your customised cloud hosting.

Easy to deploy and manage

Your Cloud hosting management interface is intuitive and easy to use.
You don't have to build or maintain the infrastructure.
You benefit from all the advantages of a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offering: a tailor-made Cloud hosting management tool for securely deploying your applications and servers. You can create complex architectures, manage your deployments, access your logs and configure collaboration with your teams. Our platform is available via web interface, API, CLI and you can integrate your CI / CD tools.

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A variety of technologies and applications at your fingertips

Whatever your programming language or technological needs, Hidora has what you need to create your website or application.

Choose from the best applications for your clients' websites and start building one today!

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DevOps solutions and services

Easy to deploy

Deploy easily

Deploying your application is quick and easy, with a no-downtime deployment option.

Automatic Scaling

Automatic scaling

Vertical and horizontal scaling can be automatic and based on your usage and defined rules.

Simplified Management

Simplified management

Control your environments with ease, either through a simple graphical interface or via SSH or API access.

Easy to deploy

Payment by actual consumption

Pay only for what you use in your environments and stop wasting resources unnecessarily.

Automatic Scaling

Managed Services

In addition to basic support, we are able to provide additional outsourcing for your application.

Simplified Management

Free full backup

We take a daily snapshot, with a 14-day retention period, of all environments, free of charge.

Our clients include

Customer testimonial

Alexandre Jungo, CID ERP
Alexandre Jungo
Co-Director, IT and Development Manager, CID ERP

"With Hidora, we have found a quality hosting provider that can meet our needs as an ERP vendor and integrator and satisfy our performance, security and cost requirements. We also benefit from the consulting capabilities offered by Hidora to enable us to use the Jelastic platform to its full potential to meet our DevOps practice.

Thanks to Hidora and the Jelastic platform, we have been able to automate a large part of our test-to-production process."

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