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Founded in 2016, Hidora is a Swiss-based provider of advanced cloud hosting solutions, offering a number of highly effective DevOps hosting services powered by brand-new technologies.

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All our servers are based exclusively in Switzerland, one of the best countries for storing data. Moreover, we are offering the most robust highly secure Data Centers with fully fault-tolerant components: servers, storage, HVAC systems, uplinks, cooling systems etc. With Hidora most rapid restore methods your files are protected from all unexpected situations and always available if needed.

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With Hidora Cloud VPS Server you can reduce the go-to-market time of your application significantly and, what is even more important, add resources immediately with just one click when it’s needed. Concentrate on your business and be sure that with Hidora’s uptime guarantee you are always online.

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You can rely on Hidora Cloud experts with the migration of your applications and environments to the cloud, building a private cloud, IT-services audit, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery-pipelines creation, DevOps consulting, monitoring experts, observability and much more.

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" The philosophy behind the Hidora DevOps Cloud Hosting solutions is very simple and clear: our goal is to open the most innovative and cost-effective opportunities for our customers allowing them to get the best results with minimal effort. "

Matthieu Robin, Chief Executive Officer

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Our values


We advocate ease of use through the DevOps philosophy.


Our entire team is passionate about their work, shaping a culture of openness, enthusiasm and curiosity.

Customer oriented

Customer satisfaction always remains our top priority.


We think customer, results, satisfaction. Together in the same direction


We guarantee confidentiality and respect for our commitments in a spirit of authenticity.


Our inspired team members generate new ideas every day to provide the most innovative and useful services to our clients.

Our founders

Matthieu Robin Hidora
Matthieu ROBIN
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Yannick COSTA
Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder
Olivier Pellet Hidora
Olivier PELLET
Co-founder and President

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