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Our partners build the most innovative software and technologies all over the world. Empower your business with advanced cloud hosting solutions based on proven tech.

Virtuozzo Application Platform offers a Multi-Cloud DevOps PaaS that was specifically designed to speed up the development process, minimize the cost of IT infrastructure and enhance uptime and security.

Virtuozzo's Cloud Platform is distributed through the network of global and local cloud hosting service providers.

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Rancher provides the complete software stack to deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service across any infrastructure. This is absolutely free open-source software with zero lock-in.

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GitLab is an open source DevOps platform. It enables teams to reduce time to market by improving the development cycle and increasing developer productivity.

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Centreon is a leading provider of enterprise-class IT monitoring solutions. The goal is to reduce corporate expenses by simplifying IT operations.

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Elastic offers ELK Stack. It includes the most popular distributed search and analytics engine, Elasticsearch, as well as the Kibana visualisation tool, the Logstash ingestion pipeline and the Beats single-use data senders.

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Rudder is a system infrastructure automation software. It provides configuration and security management solutions. Rudder is designed to continuously control the compliance of hybrid and complex infrastructures, for a fast, reliable and efficient management.

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