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How to deploy Graylog on Hidora?

What is the Graylog?

Graylog is a powerful open-source application for managing and storing logs from different parts of your application. It collects and stores logs in Elasticsearch databases. Graylog is capable of receiving messages via several input protocols such as HTTP, UDP, TCP and others. It is also integrated with popular programming languages such as Java, PHP and Node.js.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can analyse your various logs from several Hidora environments and create a dashboard for all nodes. The dashboard can include, for example, graphs or diagrams according to the criticality level of the messages, the number of messages, the source, the timestamp, etc.

How to deploy the Graylog server?

You can deploy your Graylog server on Hidora in just a few minutes.
First, click on Deploy Graylog, then enter your email address and click on the link you receive in your email. Or you can deploy it directly via the Hidora marketplace, in the Monitoring section. The installation wizard will send you an email with the access credentials to the Graylog server and will display them in the last step once the deployment process is complete.

Deploying Graylog

This article explains how to set up the transfer of syslog messages to Graylog. However, Graylog allows you to analyse many more types of logs.

After installing your Graylog server, you must configure an entry to receive the syslog sent by the “agent”.

To create an entry, go to your Graylog server (http://@publicIP:9000), then Systems - Entries.

For example, select Syslog TCP, choose a title (e.g. tcp syslog), set the link address to the private IP of your Graylog server (e.g., set the port to a port greater than 1024 (e.g. 2512).

Next, you need to configure the Gralylog agents that will forward syslog messages from your containers to the Graylog server.

How to deploy the Graylog agent?

As with the Graylog server deployment, you can click on Deploy Agent below, or deploy it via the Hidora marketplace in the Monitoring section.

Deploy the agent

It will ask you for the private IP of your Graylog server, the port it uses (e.g. 2512), the target Hidora environment and the type of node (e.g. MySQL, Tomcat, Nginx, etc.) that needs to be configured to send the logs to Graylog.

Once the agent is deployed, you can browse syslog messages in the Graylog web interface, view graphs, configure notification triggers, and install agents in other environments.

Advantages of using Graylog on Hidora

Thanks to the web interface, you will be able to have all the logs of your different environments in one place. Moreover, you will be able to deploy a complex system in just a few minutes, completely free of charge. And, most importantly, your environment will be stored exclusively in Switzerland.

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