Take full advantage of Jelastic's multi-cloud PaaS platform image

Take full advantage of Jelastic's multi-cloud PaaS platform

Take full advantage of Jelastic multi-cloud PaaS Platform

Using different products to run a business all the time can be very stressful.

The cloud platform is no longer a dream but a tool that every company can use to improve the interaction and interface with customers.

Jelastic aims to provide businesses with everything they need in terms of cloud services using a single platform. This multi-cloud platform will not only benefit businesses but also DevOps teams.

Hidora offers a wide variety of programming languages that companies can choose to run with their application.

This allows the company to meet the needs of most businesses. Some of the programming languages used include Java, Php, Node.Js, Ruby, GB, Python and technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker and laaS, to name a few.

Staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deal with any technical queries customers may have and a detailed analysis is carried out before any installation process.

The company also offers training courses that enable companies to quickly familiarise themselves with the newly installed systems, which helps all company tasks run smoothly.

Hidora develops commercial applications quickly thanks to the ability to immediately configure your auto-scaling with the lowest and highest resource settings.

We can also manage all complex configurations using their HB and DB clusters.

Using Hidora’s Jelastic technology will allow your company to create test and simulation environments by cloning your production site with a single click.

Applications can also be installed using the API and all administrative tasks are taken care of while the company focuses on other important tasks such as coding.

Equally ensures that all of your company’s data is secure with daily backup and 14-day retention.

Because the Hidora Cloud Platform is built on solid state drives (SSDs) for fast response times, it can improve the performance of enterprise applications and databases.

Are you looking for a unique tool that can manage your entire infrastructure and give you the benefit of fast markets?

Jelastic has you covered, it’s a complete DevOps platform that makes application development and lifecycle management easy. So you need to check out Jelastic.

Container-based platform

Looking for a way to organize containers and even follow the trend with all the hype around Kubernetes?

This platform is also container-based and offers instrumentation for system containers (Virtuozzo) and application containers (Docker) with innovative multi-tenant hosting and pre-configured Kubernetes clusters.

In short, it is a complete and functional Container-as-a-Service (CaaS), ready to use.


The Jelastic multicloud platform is quite affordable because customers can use the unique pay-per-use pricing model that depends on automatic vertical scaling.

Another advantage is that you can save a lot by using hibernation of inactive instances, high density containers working on bare metal, and add-ons for scheduled activity of environments.

Like Jelastic, Hidora also offers a pay-as-you-go plan for all its customers, giving businesses the ability to manage what they use themselves.

pricing pay-as-you-use

When expanding a business

Your corporate network can easily be expanded without loss of data.

This can be done using the SaaSify product, whose cloud platform enables a smooth transition to an on-demand service model that integrates billing, monitoring and managed services on demand.

Hidora can build a seamless private cloud on site, a virtual private cloud related to IaaS or PaaS technology.

The company can also combine the newly created cloud platform or services with those it uses or even with a third-party cloud platform.

Multi-cloud function

Protect your business from downtime and data failure or expand your infrastructure provider using Jelastic multicloud availability.

These options work on a wide range of networks offered by local service providers and international cloud players can also use this service without being blocked.

Hidora ensures that all your cloud data is protected against downtime and even data failure, giving businesses the ability to secure all important company data.

This is because the company takes the time to back up all the company’s data and does so on a daily basis, so data loss is almost inevitable.

Various functions using a single management point

The platform can be used in different ways, which are determined by the mode of installation.

These can be on-premises, public, private, hybrid, or even multi-cloud services.

It is possible to mix options, share workloads according to your needs, transfer applications and containers between different regions by doing all these actions.

The good thing is that all these features can be done from a single management point.

Multiple programmes and technologies in one network

Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, GB environments, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes clusters, GitLab and Jenkins are just a sample of the short list of technologies available within a single platform.

technologies and languages

(Source: Jelastic)

Different software stacks

Using personal functionality, Jelastic has developed a suite of certified software stacks and renowned applications that are enhanced for scaling and high availability.

Some of the most popular software that can be used include WordPress and Magento enterprise packages, Database-as-a-Service, Kubernetes-as-a-Service, among others.

software stacks

(Source: Jelastic)

Functionality management

All functionality is managed through a feature-rich and intuitive user interface, which greatly reduces complications and logins.

More experienced users can also use SSH access, CLI, API and CloudScripting to implement traditional automation models.

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Matthieu Robin is the CEO of Hidora, an experienced strategic leader, a former system administrator who has managed and configured more environments manually than anyone else on the planet and after realising that it could be done with a few clicks created Hidora SA. Follow him on Twitter.

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