WordPress and Jelastic: the perfect combination image

WordPress and Jelastic: the perfect combination

Writing blogs can be fun, but maintaining and hosting them can get complicated over time. However, if you use the right combination of plugins and services, this process can become much simpler - especially when you use WordPress with Jelastic and Litespeed on Hidora. In fact, these two services are so powerful together that it's hard to imagine using WordPress on any other cloud platform! Here's why!

Deploy your WordPress

1) Scalability

If you’re looking to build a highly scalable site, one that can handle a lot of traffic and has a lot of room for growth, WordPress is one of your best options. In fact, of all the content management systems (CMS) that power websites around the world, WordPress is the most popular. This robust platform has been powering sites for over 15 years and continues to grow its lead. Why? Because it’s scalable. Unlike competing solutions, WordPress scales both horizontally and vertically on the Hidora platform. This means that you will always have access to more resources when they are needed, while maintaining full control over the number of resources available. With scaling groups that automatically increase web servers or add additional storage space with a few clicks, adding capacity will never be a problem again. Simply tell Hidora what infrastructure and resources you need by choosing from the templates we offer and let us do the rest. We ensure that your website remains functional at all times, even during periods of heavy load, when other hosting companies may be experiencing slow performance or outages! Did we mention LiteSpeed? Oh yes… that too!

Wordpress and Jelastic: The Perfect Combination

2) Speed

With LiteSpeed hosting, your website can load up to six times faster than with standard shared hosting. How does this work? With more bandwidth and increased processor performance. You’ll also benefit from LiteSpeed’s exclusive caching, which can increase your site’s speed by up to 40%. It all comes down to better hardware in a dedicated environment - what we call true bare-metal servers. As a result, you get more computing power that allows you to scale seamlessly as needed to handle an influx of traffic, whether it’s during a sale or a holiday season peak. This is especially important for e-commerce sites, where sales often spike around holidays like Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Last year, Cyber Monday alone saw online sales soar by 29%! While other providers plan for these aberrant demand spikes, at Jelastic we’ve already seen them coming months in advance thanks to our unique hosting platform that allows for scalability without requiring technical expertise.

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3) Profitability

WordPress is highly scalable, so there is no need to invest in expensive dedicated hardware. With WordPress and Jelastic, you can increase or decrease the size of your site in minutes for a fraction of the cost. You don’t have to worry about going over budget; with LiteSpeed PHP-FPM servers, you’ll get full performance with only what you need. But our favourite thing about WordPress on Jelastic is that you can run multiple instances at any time and move them around effortlessly. This means you can build for your customers, wherever they are, without having to worry about physical location limitations or going over budget.

Deploy your WordPress
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Matthieu ROBIN


Matthieu Robin is the CEO of Hidora, an experienced strategic leader, a former system administrator who has managed and configured more environments manually than anyone else on the planet and after realising that it could be done with a few clicks created Hidora SA. Follow him on Twitter.

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