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Hidora handles all the ops work while you focus on your true business value: development

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Easy to Deploy

The production and dev environments are created in minutes within user-friendly topology wizard, or via API, SSH, CLI. 

Run Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, .NET, Go, Docker, Docker Swarm or Kubernetes based applications using a rich variety of SQL and NoSQL databases, app servers, balancers and storage containers with no manual configurations required for installation.

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Easy to Manage

Hidora’s dashboard is very intuitive and easy to use for designing application topologies, deploying, access to configuration files and logs, collaboration with teams, and integration with CI/CD tools.

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Easy to Scale

Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling

Jelastic automatic scaling enables granular resource allocation based on the load level. This ensures high performance, application availability and uptime, at the same time, cost efficiency by paying only for really consumed resources.

Simplify your management and reduce your costs

Easy Deploy

Deploying your application is simple and fast, with zero downtime deployment option

Automatic Scaling

Vertical and Horizontal scaling can be automatic and based on your usage and defined rules

Simple Environment Management

Control your environments simply, either through our intuitive control panel or via SSH or API access.

Pay Per Use

Pay only for what you use in your environments and stop wasting resources unnecessarily

Managed Services

In addition to conventional support, we are available to made Managed Services on top of your application

Free Full Backup

We take a daily snapshot, with a 14-day retention, of all environments, free of charge.

Simulate the costs of your Cloud

Try to configure your ideal environment, starting from a basic solution up to more complex solutions with more resources.

We accept Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfert and Bitcoin payment methods.


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Our Cloud Solutions

Languages and Frameworks

.Net Core

Scalable VPS

Centos 7
Debian 9, 10, 11
Ubuntu 16.4, 18.4, 20.4


Docker Swarm
Docker CE

SQL Databases


NoSQL Databases




Customer feedback

Steven Titren
CTO / Co-fondateur

“Today I’m very satisfied with Hidora’s cost of hosting services, the level of support and the user-friendliness of the tool that every developer in my team can use without any training.

We paid 5x times more on AWS as we do now on Hidora. The pricing difference is huge and we are very happy with our current hosting bill.”

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