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LiteSpeed: a magic pill for your website speed improvement

An out-of-box support of LiteSpeed Web Server and LiteSpeed Web ADC is now available on Hidora PaaS. Find out more in this article how it can help improve performance and security requirements of highly-loaded PHP applications.

LiteSpeed: A Magic Pill for Your Website Speed Improvement

6 Reasons You Should Be Using LiteSpeed

LiteSpeed is a popular high performance web server and load balancer, which can be a better option for high traffic e-commerce websites if compared with Apache or NGINX.

Although Apache is one of the most widespread web servers in the world, it has some performance and scalability drawbacks that makes it not suitable for high loaded websites.

Using LiteSpeed, you can manage your tasks with the familiar tools to apache, because LiteSpeed Web Server is fully compatible with Apache Web Server in terms of configuration files format. And also, get a highly scalable solution similar to NGINX.

Below are the 6 facts why you should consider LiteSpeed as a replacement for your current web server:

1. One of the main advantages of LiteSpeed is its performance. It can be up to 6 times faster than Apache and up to 5x faster than NGINX while serving static files and up to 50% faster than Apache for PHP websites. It means that your website may handle much more website visitors and buyers using the same infrastructure. In addition to an increase in the number of transactions per second, LiteSpeed can reduce response time (latency) of your website up to 2x, which is important for website owners as it may improve bounce rate of your website and Google ranking.




2. A web panel for setting parameters and viewing statistics. In the case of Apache and NGINX, you need to configure everything in the configuration files, which can lead to errors; LiteSpeed provides a convenient web interface.

3. Compared to NGINX, LiteSpeed has similar, if not better, performance when delivering static content. It all depends on the specific settings. At least out-of-box feature, LiteSpeed usually bypasses standard NGINX installations from distribution packages. But LiteSpeed definitely outperforms the NGINX + PHP-FPM bundle. Specially developed for this PHP LSAPI server (LiteSpeed Server Application Programming Interface) scales better at higher loads than PHP-FPM.

4. It increases caching speed of your static files thanks to LiteSpeed Cache, which significantly improves performance of your website.

5. LiteSpeed consumes less resources than Apache and NGINX. The CPU load on the server is reduced, as well as the use of RAM, due to which the server runs faster, which has a beneficial effect on the work of client sites.

6. LiteSpeed automatically counteracts DDoS attacks. Usually, such a service is paid separately.

Closing Thoughts

Having analyzed all the benefits of LiteSpeed web server, you can see that it may significantly improve performance of your Apache or NGINX website and allow you to handle much more website visitors using the same infrastructure.

As a result, your website will be able to handle load spikes more efficiently, and your customers will have a better user experience when visiting your website, which may improve your sales. You can try both LiteSpeed web server and load balancer on Hidora PaaS.

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jean luc dubouchet hidora

Jean-Luc is a Junior Full-Stack Tech Engineer at Hidora with a strong IT background. He is consulting clients about DevOps and also helping Hidora’s customers to make automation deployments and migrate their environments