Simplify application development with fully managed databases in the cloud

Managed Databases (DBAA) by Hidora

Choose from fully managed SQL, NoSQL and in-memory databases.

Focus on creating innovative applications while Hidora simplifies your work.

Fully managed databases save you time and money by automating tasks such as :

  • configuration and management of high availability
  • disaster recovery
  • backups and replication of data in different regions
security of hidora data centers

Hidora gives you access to managed databases with a few clicks.

Deploy a single node or a complex high-availability cluster in minutes.

The built-in clustering of the most common databases enables the required replication mode to be activated when creating an environment without manual configuration:

  • Primary-secondary, primary-primary, Galera replication options
  • Load balancing with ProxySQL
  • Automated failover in case of node failure
  • Intuitive graphical interface for easy cluster management

Why choose Hidora?

Integrated backups

 Free daily backup of all your environments on a remote site with a 14-day retention period. On all your databases, activate full or partial backup of your data.

Ease of deployment

 Use the web interface with the wizard to deploy your database (clusters or single node) or through the API, CLI or via SSH.

Multiple versions

Choose your database engine version in a few clicks: MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Couchbase CE, Neo4j, OpenSearch, Redis.


Only pay for what you actually use.

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