OpenSearch Managed Hosting

OpenSearch coupled with the Hidora interface is the true open source alternative to the combination of Elasticsearch and Kibana.

You set up fully managed OpenSearch clusters in less than 10 minutes, directly from the web console or with code via our API, CLI.

Visualize your search and analysis results with built-in OpenSearch dashboards. Monitor your installation with logs and metrics easily accessible through service integrations.

As an OpenSearch partner, we make the latest versions of OpenSearch available on a regular basis.

Deploy OpenSearch on Hidora

Deploy an OpenSearch database for instant indexing, content search and analysis capabilities. Hidora maintains and secures your OpenSearch database.

Do you want a clustered solution with OpenSearch Dashboard, Logstash and Beats agents?


Use the latest technology

With OpenSearch Managed Hosting, automated deployment configures the servers, deploys them and ensures optimal operation. You use the latest technologies under the best conditions.

What is OpenSearch for?


Real-time performance monitoring of your infrastructure

and make better decisions about it. OpenSearch offers a simple way to see what you are indexing, so you can determine where your problems are coming from.


Log storage and indexing

OpenSearch allows you to track application malfunctions or simply the load of an application by storing logs and indexing them. You can set up alerts when the system is not working properly and resolve availability issues.


Indexing and search engine

OpenSearch makes it easy for users of your website or application to find what they're looking for by providing a fast and efficient experience. OpenSearch leverages powerful indexing and search engines capable of covering large data sets.


Integrated updates

Upgrading your OpenSearch cluster is just a click away. Choose the version of your OpenSearch you want to start with and upgrade when you want.

Why use Hidora OpenSearch hosting?


Vertical scalability

Set a maximum limit for each server, and only pay for what you actually use. Resources will adjust automatically.



Only pay for what you actually use.



Free daily backup of all your environments to a remote site with a 14-day retention period.



An expert team is ready to assist you in setting up, using and operating your OpenSearch cluster.

Choose the version of your choice

Available versions 2.4.x,2.3.x,2.2.x,2.1.x,2.0.x,1.3.x.1.2.x

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