Our hosting solutions

Hosting is a business that we have mastered for many years. Today, whatever the specificity of the data to be hosted or the size of the company, we are able to offer the best possible service.

From startups to large companies, our offer is adapted to your needs, your structure and your business.

We can also create, with you, a complete and complex architecture if needed.

With our pricing model, you only pay for what you actually use.

You have at your disposal a team of experts who will be happy to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know more.

By Need

Website Hosting

You need a secure space where you can host your customers' applications and your various projects.

Saas Hosting

Trust us to help you focus on what matters most: creating a solution for your customers.

E-commerce Hosting

Rapid growth in your server environment can be a challenge, but with fully scalable and adaptable cloud hosting, you can adapt your resources at any time.

Mobile Application Hosting

Hidora hosts your application in the cloud and meets all your needs.

Private Cloud Hosting

Try Hidora's Private Cloud, which gives you self-service, scalability and elasticity, with the added control and customisation of dedicated resources.

By Type


Do you need unlimited space on which to securely host your customers' applications?


Trust an expert company to host your clients' websites.


Manage your company's hosting using best practices in the field, thanks to a simplified management interface.