Node.js Hosting: Simplify the Deployment and Scalability of Your Applications

Node.js developers, are you looking for a powerful solution to host and deploy your web applications quickly? Discover Hidora, the Node.js compatible cloud platform that simplifies your development work.

Simplified Development and Deployment for Your Node.js Applications

We offer you a high quality Node.js hosting with 4 dependency managers (Supervisor, Forever, Npm, Pm2) to meet all your needs. Your time is precious, that's why we have developed a complete and scalable solution to simplify your work. By joining our community of Node.js developers, you benefit from superior customer support. Whether you are working on a **small project ** or a more complex application, the solution adapts to your development goals. Try it now and see for yourself how much faster your Node.js application development can be.


Actual usage pricing

You** only pay for what you use**. For example, if you use 10 hours of computation and 15 GB of storage, you will be charged only for these consumed resources. Our prices are competitive and transparent, starting at 0,003029 € / hour for computing power and 0,12 € / GB / month for storage, including backup.

The real-time cost tracking tool allows you to monitor and control your resource consumption. This way, you avoid unexpected costs. In addition, you can adjust your resources at any time according to your development needs.

We are proud to offer fair and transparent pricing on a **high-performance cloud platform **for your hosting. Join our community of Node.js developers today and take advantage of pay-per-use pricing to optimize your development costs.

Why choose Hidora to host your Node.js application?


Horizontal and vertical scalability

Your Cloud Platform is designed for horizontal and vertical scalability. It allows your company to respond quickly to growing or ad hoc needs without compromising the performance of your Node.js applications.


Simplified management

Your Node.js hosting solution allows you to manage your applications with ease, thanks to a user-friendly interface and powerful development tools.


Security and availability

The security of your Node.js applications is ensured through proactive monitoring and optimal availability for your users. The user experience is guaranteed to be reliable and seamless.


Dependency management

Hidora offers 4 dependency managers (Supervisor, Forever, Npm, Pm2) to meet all your Node.js development needs.


Node.js version management

Your Cloud Platform supports different versions of Node.js. You choose the version that best suits your development needs.


Backup included

Regular backups are included to ensure the safety of your data in the event of an incident or data loss.

Automations provided with your Node.js hosting


Vertical or horizontal self-scalability

The server has a maximum capacity that automatically adapts to the needs. Set your rules according to the load and let the platform do the rest.


Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall (WAF) provided through NGINX load balancing via ModSecurity or BitNinja. You are protected from attacks such as SQL injection or brute force attacks.


Daily backups

Daily backups are performed with a 14-day retention period in our second datacenter.

Choosing Hidora to host your Node.js applications means choosing a complete, high-performance and scalable solution. You focus on the essentials: creating key functionality for your application.

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