Your applications, developed in Node.js, hosted on a Cloud platform

Do you need to simplify the development of your web projects in JavaScript? Hidora's Node.js-compatible Cloud Platform saves you time.

Code, test, clone and deploy with ease!

  • Complete and scalable solution.
  • Node.js hosting with 4 dependency managers (Supervisor, Forever, Npm, Pm2)
  • Simplification of the work of developers.
Node.js hosting

NodeJS application hosting

Hidora hosts NodeJS applications for businesses and individuals. Designed for horizontal and vertical scalability to meet growing or ad hoc needs.

Dependency managers

Choose the dependency manager of your choice: npm, supervisor, forever, pm2

Simplified choice of NodeJS versions

You easily choose which versions of NodeJS to install on the server based on what is best for your application or project. You choose the version of your dependency manager.

Choose the version of your choice

Available versions

17.9.x, 17.8.x, 17.7.x, 16.15.x, 16.14.x, 16.13.x, 14.19.x, 14.18.x, 12.22.x

Why choose Hidora for your Node.js hosting?

Vertical or horizontal self-scalability

 The server has a maximum capacity that automatically adapts to the needs. Set your rules according to the load and let the platform do the rest.

Web Application Firewall

 Web Application Firewall (WAF) provided through NGINX load balancing via ModSecurity or BitNinja. You are protected from attacks such as SQL injection or brute force attacks.

Daily backups

 Daily backups are performed with a 14-day retention period in our second datacenter.

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14 day free trial. No credit card required. Data hosting in Switzerland.

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