WordPress: fast, secure and scalable

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) available for free. It is characterised by its versatility and compatibility with most web hosts and servers, as it runs on a MySQL database. WordPress has proven its value time and time again with its ability to power both blogs and online stores, making it the undisputed leader in this category of software solutions.


Secure WordPress hosting

Protect your WordPress installation with the Web Application Firewall (WAF), SSL certificates provided by Let's Encrypt.

Powerful and reliable hosting for your WordPress site

Discover the power of WordPress with Hidora. Our hosting platform is designed to be extremely fast, secure and reliable. You get one of the best WordPress hosting solutions on the market.


Increase your confidence

Your website is always fast, secure and never crashes, no matter how many people visit it at the same time, thanks to LiteSpeed technology.


Reach your audience

Attract new customers in a global market with our Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution that allows customers in different countries to visit your site at the same speed as customers in neighbouring regions.


Develop your company's visibility

Give yourself a huge advantage over your competitors with our self-scaling WordPress hosting solutions that can scale to any size of business without any downtime.

Why choose Hidora for your WordPress hosting?



Daily backups automatically performed for you at a remote site. Avoid the risk of data loss.



Easily update your server components in a few clicks. You are up to date on security very quickly. Say goodbye to tedious updates.


Adaptive tariff

Only pay for what you actually use.


Guaranteed availability

Guaranteed availability of your website 99.99% of the time.

WordPress hosting solutions

Choose between classic WordPress hosting or cluster-based WordPress for Business.

Deploy your classic WordPress hosting

Deploy your classic WordPress hosting

From 9,40 CHF / month (8,93 € / month) ( CDN, Backup, LiteSpeed license included)

Deploy your WordPress for business hosting

Deploy your WordPress for business hosting

From 62 CHF / month (58,9 € / month) (CDN, Backup, Litespeed license, Galera Cluster, Autoscaling, 2 Load Balancer, 2 Application server, Storage, included)


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