Simplify your Ruby application hosting

Deploy and host your Ruby applications on a cloud platform designed for developers, with automatic scaling, pay-per-use, and manual application server selection.

Hosting Ruby applications can be tedious

That's why we've simplified this process for you. You deploy and host your Ruby applications without worry. We've designed our platform to be easy to use while meeting every need. Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling and manual application server selection are built in. Payment is on a per-use basis.

By joining us, you will benefit from an easy, efficient and stress-free hosting for your Ruby applications.

Accelerate the development of your Ruby on Rails applications now!


Actual usage pricing

This means that you only pay for what you actually use. Our prices are competitive and transparent, starting at 0,003029 € / hour for computing power and 0,12 € / GB / month for storage, including backup.

The real-time** cost tracking** tool allows you to monitor and control your resource consumption. This way, you avoid unexpected costs. In addition, you can adjust your resources at any time according to your development needs.

Take advantage of pay-per-use pricing now to optimize development costs. We are committed to providing you with flexible and affordable hosting with no hidden fees or unexpected costs. Join us today to host your Ruby on Rails application on a high-performance, scalable cloud platform.

We are committed to providing you with a complete, high-performance and scalable solution for hosting your Ruby on Rails applications. We want you to be able to focus on what's important: building key features for your application.


Automatic scaling

Resources can be scaled to meet the demands of your applications, avoiding service interruptions and downtime.


Manual selection of the application server

You can manually select the application server of your choice, be it Passenger, Puma or Unicorn. This flexibility allows you to customize your development environment and choose the option that best suits your specific needs.



You only pay for what you use, which allows you to reduce your hosting costs.


Integration with development tools

The platform is designed to work with the development tools you already use such as Git, SVN, Jenkins etc.


Enhanced security

Hidora takes care of your application's security with solutions like password protection and SSL security. You can be sure that your data is protected at all times.


Exceptional technical support

Our technical support team is highly trained and dedicated to providing fast and efficient assistance. We are always here to answer your questions and solve any problems that may arise.


You save money

Hidora ensures that you only pay for the resources you use. So there are no surprises on your bill and everything is affordable.


Automatic ramping up

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time and automatically. You don't worry about having too few resources or buying too many.



Our support team is available to make sure everything runs smoothly!


Free automatic backup

A daily backup is made on our second datacenter in Switzerland with a 14-day retention period.

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