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Docker offers developers a low-cost way to containerize their code and share it between systems. Since 2013, Docker has simplified application deployment by providing an efficient and well-supported alternative to virtual machines. The Hidora platform allows you to quickly build and deploy applications with Docker.

Whether you're an experienced developer or just getting started with Docker deployment, you want a simple and intuitive experience. Our interface allows you to start configuring with just a few clicks. To get started, you can test for free Host your Docker images without registration.

Docker allows developers to easily create "containers" in which are integrated all the elements necessary for an application to function independently, including libraries, tools and configuration files. By entrusting Hidora with the hosting of your Dockers, it is therefore the time spent in server configuration that is immediately saved.


By automating the deployment of your Docker applications with Hidora's Cloud Platform, you are freed from the following constraints

  • solving installation problems
  • application updates
  • management of expensive accommodation costs

Hidora is a simple and intuitive management platform built on top of the Docker open source tooling. From their management interface, organizations easily deploy Docker images to different methods:

  • Via the web interface available from any browser: Individually manage your image, its links, volumes, variables directly from the Docker Hub or your private Docker registry. Don't manage the Docker infrastructure anymore.
  • Using Docker CE: You have access to Docker Engine, and you do what you want. You can use the Docker CLI to manage your containers as you see fit.
  • Using Kubernetes directly: Deploy your dockers directly to your Kubernetes cluster hosted at Hidora. Deploy as many containers as you want, your Kubernetes is fully synchronized!

Hidora is also :


No data limit

The size of the accommodation can grow as much as you want.


Easy and intuitive management

With a few clicks via our web interface, API or CLI, you can set up a new Docker container.


Control your costs

No hidden fees or ongoing subscription costs associated with running your containerized applications.


Private Docker Registry

Hidora offers you the possibility to deploy your own private Docker registry to store your Docker images.


One-Click Deployment

Get up and running faster than ever. Deploy any application server with one click.


Multiple accounts

Ensure complete flexibility. You can create accounts with different levels of access rights from a single control panel.


Receive enterprise-level support from our experienced team.

Receive enterprise-level support from our experienced team.

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