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Are you looking for a Virtual Private Server? Linux VPS is the ideal solution for you. Our hosting service offers top-notch performance and security with powerful and reliable virtual machines.

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Powerful and reliable Linux virtual machines for system administrators and IT managers

Power and flexibility

Linux VPSs offer great power and flexibility for system administrators and CIOs who need a robust and scalable hosting platform.

First class security

Linux virtual machines are known for their top-notch security, with built-in security tools and features to protect your data.

Intuitive user interface

With a user-friendly interface, managing your Linux VPS is quick and easy, allowing you to focus on your work.

Advantageous pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our Linux VPS hosting service, with plans to suit all needs and budgets.

You can manage your Linux VPS via APIs and infrastructure as code. This gives you automated, repeatable and scalable IT infrastructure management.

APIs allow you to interact with the remote server to automate tasks such as firewall configuration, user and group management , and system monitoring.

Linux VPS prices

Name vCPU RAM (GB) Price € / hour Price € / month
XXS 1 2 0,02109589041 € 15,4 €
XS 2 4 0,04219178082 € 30,8 €
S 4 8 0,08438356164 € 61,6 €
M 4 16 0,1687671233 € 123,2 €
L 8 32 0,2531506849 € 184,8 €
XL 12 64 0,3375342466 € 246,4 €
Name vCPU RAM (GB) Price CHF/hour Price CHF / month
XXS 1 2 0,02109589041 CHF 15,4 CHF
XS 2 4 0,04219178082 CHF 30,8 CHF
S 4 8 0,08438356164 CHF 61,6 CHF
M 4 16 0,1687671233 CHF 123,2 CHF
L 8 32 0,2531506849 CHF 184,8 CHF
XL 12 64 0,3375342466 CHF 246,4 CHF

SSD space: the first 10 GB are free, then 0.12 € / GB / month or 0.12 CHF / GB / month.

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We know that the security of your data is paramount

That's why backups are included in your Linux VPS package, in a second datacenter located more than 35 km away.

Our daily backups allow you to quickly recover your data in the event of loss or system failure. And storing that data in a second datacenter gives you additional protection against data loss.

With our included backups, you get an efficient backup solution without having to pay extra for a third-party solution. You can focus on your business with peace of mind.

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