Kubernetes hosting : Unlock the full potential of your containerized applications!

Kubernetes is an open source automation tool for managing Linux containers. It eliminates much of the manual work required to deploy and scale containers. In other words, you free yourself from tedious tasks by replacing them with a few** simple commands.**

Hidora's Kubernetes cluster is the ideal high-performance solution for** hosting your containerized applications**. And you orchestrate your workload securely. As part of the Hidora Cloud ecosystem, our Kubernetes hosting offering features a fully automated configuration. Plus, you get our expert cloud support. As with all of our other hosting solutions, you can get started right away at no cost and with no sign-up with a free 14-day trial.

Are you developing containerised applications?

Simplify hosting. Hidora does it for you at a low cost.


High performance

Orchestrate your dockers quickly in a stable, high-performance environment at a controlled cost. Use your Kubernetes cluster with many tools already integrated: Monitoring, Certificates, Dashboard, Tracing, Storage You benefit from our expertise in Cloud hosting for an optimal use of the infrastructure in full security, transparency with less administration


Evolving workload

With included horizontal and vertical scalability, you add as much load to your containers as you need. Hidora's Kubernetes cluster allows you to automatically scale based on demand. So you ensure consistent performance based on load. And you reduce hosting costs because you only pay for what you actually consume.


Automated updates

With a single click, you update your Kubernetes cluster, without downtime and whenever you want. You no longer have to do tedious maintenance tasks. Automated updates keep your Kubernetes version up to date.


Integrated ecosystem

You take advantage of the Hidora Cloud to share information between your different information systems. Alongside your Kubernetes cluster, deploy your managed databases, your Windows servers, or your applications from the Platform as a Service (PaaS).


Turnkey integrations

You can automatically deploy various integrations that will make it easier for you to manage your Kubernetes cluster. Deploy the monitoring tools Grafana / Prometheus or Jaeger Tracing Tools in one click. Choose the Ingress Controller Nginx, HAProxy or Traefik. You want to work with Rancher? Install it in one click. The management of certificates is complex for you? Use Cert Manager. Want to deploy your applications on Kubernetes with Helm? It's already integrated.

Why choose Hidora for your Kubernetes hosting?


Only pay for what you use

Our offer is unique, you only pay for what you actually use.


High availability

Increase resilience with auto-scaling: nodes can be added or removed with a few clicks or automatically.


Your data hosted in Switzerland

We only process your data on servers hosted in Switzerland.


Free backups

Free daily backup of all your environments on a second remote site with a 14-day retention period.

Kubernetes hosting deployment

From CHF 52 per month or € 49.58 per month

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