Kubernetes hosting : Unlock the full potential of your containerized applications!

Kubernetes is an open-source automation tool for managing Linux containers. It eliminates much of the manual work required to deploy and scale containers.
In other words, instead of performing tedious tasks manually, Kubernetes makes it easy to orchestrate your cluster by working with a few simple commands.

kubernetes hosting

Are you developing containerised applications?

Don't waste your time hosting them. Hidora does it for you at a low price.


Automatically scale Kubernetes clusters based on the size and needs of your applications.


Upgrade Kubernetes from one version to another with a single click.


Take advantage of integrations such as Rancher, Grafana and Prometheus, Jaegger and Certificate Manager.

Managed Kubernetes

Kubernetes managed by Hidora allows you to host your native cloud applications in a few clicks.

  • CNI plugin (provided by Weave) for overlay networks
  • Traefik ingress control for routing HTTP(S) requests to services
  • HELM package manager for automatic installation of pre-configured solutions
  • CoreDNS for internal host name resolution
  • Dynamic persistent volume provisioner
  • Metrics Server for collecting statistics
  • Built-in SSL for inbound network protection
  • Kubernetes Web Interface

Choose the version of your choice:

Why choose Hidora for your Kubernetes hosting?

Only pay for what you use

Our offer is unique, you only pay for what you actually use.

High availability

Increase resilience with auto-scaling: nodes can be added or removed with a few clicks or automatically.

Your data in Switzerland

We only process your data on servers hosted in Switzerland.

Free backups

Free daily backup of all your environments to a remote site with a 14-day retention period.

Kubernetes hosting deployment

From CHF 52 per month or € 49.58 per month

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