MySQL / MariaDB database hosting

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standardised language for operating databases. Databases are used to store data in an organised way that can be easily accessed and modified using a computer.

MySQL & MariaDB hosting

Because of their large storage capacity, databases are an ideal solution for storing large amounts of information. They do this efficiently because they organise the data on levels and systems that allow easy access and modification.

SQL servers use the SQL language to allow you to manage your data as you see fit, allowing you to perform many actions such as searching, modifying and creating specific data, or running specific queries.

Hidora's hosting platform is a one-stop shop for deploying any type of database, including MySQL (or MariaDB) hosting with phpMyAdmin and automated backups.



SQL servers are used in critical applications where data integrity is paramount. You can create Primary-Primary, Primary-N x Secondary, Galera clusters, etc. in one click.



Choose the version of your choice MySQL CE 8.0.x, 5.7.x, ... MariaDB 10.9.x,10.8.x,10.7.x, 10.6,x, ...



Automatically deploy your database (MySQL / MariaDB) and phpMyAdmin. You can focus on building your website instead of managing the infrastructure.


Quick start

Quickly deploy different types of databases from the user-friendly web interface, API or via our CLI in just a few clicks.


Automatic backups

Not only do you benefit from a daily backup, but also from a 14-day retention period, giving you a higher level of protection against data loss or failure.


Easy to update

Update your database in a few clicks. All without any additional intervention on your part.

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